What foods should I eat to have a boy?

Food benefits the human body in many ways. So, according to some doctors, the way or at least what you eat could influence the sex your baby will have. If you want a boy, read this article to know what to eat.

What you eat affects the sex of your baby

This is no longer new information, diet helps boost your fertility. So, some studies for more info have dug deeper to prove that following a particular diet during your pregnancy attempts could intervene in the formation of the baby's sex. In fact, in 1977, a gynecologist-obstetrician doctor subjected several women to an experiment. They were asked to eat a diet that contained potassium and sodium in order to have a boy. 

They were also given the choice to follow a diet with a high dose of calcium and magnesium in order to have a female baby. At the end of this procedure 68% to 90% had the child they wanted. This same experiment has been conducted elsewhere and has also shown good results.

Foods to put the possibility of having a boy baby on your side

To predispose your body to be favorable to having a boy, there are many foods to eat. In this case, you should take certain beverages including tea, carbonated mineral water and fruit juices. Take proteins such as meat, fish and cold cuts. Consume fruits such as bananas, dried figs, dates, dried apricots. In addition, it is necessary to take vegetables. Among these, there is the artichoke and potatoes. Finally, as a dessert, dark chocolate and sweets will do. In all, here are a lot of elements that will allow you to have a baby boy if you want. That said, it may not be successful, especially since the process is 80% effective.