What are the best tools to create your chatbot ?

A computer program on sites and channels such as Instagram, Facebook and others, the chabot is a tool that facilitates you to the users of a platform. It is used for the purpose of managing customer contact, answering recurring questions and assisting them for a better experience. However, many people do not know much about it.

Best tools for chatbots intended only for social networks

Creating a chatbot intended for use on platforms like Facebook, messenger and telegram is the easiest nowadays. You can create a bot easily and without any prior knowledge or training. Click here to read more.
At the top of the list, you have Bostifier a tool to create chatbots without any coding knowledge. Design simple bots, add visual, audio or text files and even incorporate it into wordpress CMS and many other platforms. All this for free for a forecast of 100 users or you can opt for a paid and complete version with a subscription of 10 dollars per month. In second place, we have Chatfuel, another exciting chatbot creation tool for the social platforms Messenger and Telegram. It offers some pretty interesting features like: simple input and creation of your chatbot's text, adding files of any type and scheduling your FAQ for better assistance and experience for your users.

Chatbots for platforms other than social networks

Unlike the first two authoring tools, these are used to create chatbots for all types of platforms. However they are used to create chatbots that are not necessarily intended to play the same. So it will depend on what you are looking for on your site or platform and your means because even if the majority has a free version, they also offer a premium version at different costs. Among these tools we have: Flow XO to gather information through surveys, Motion.ai for a personalized chat with predefined styles, Suite that allows users to have group discussions, Imperson to highlight the qualities of your products, Koré for financial institutions or services and in last position Converse.ai for instant commercial discussions with your users