What are the advantages of the publix oasis platform?

In recent years, a multitude of business platforms have emerged. The best known of these in the USA is Publix Oasis. This company has been able to set itself apart from the others by creating a channel owned by its employees. It is a platform with many advantages for a company. So what are the advantages of using publix oasis? In this article you will find out in detail the advantages of having a publix oasis account.

A platform with several acquisition methods 

The Publix oasis account provides its customers with several acquisition methods, Approval Plans and DDA.To find out more about publix oasis and how to log in, have a peek here. Approval Plans" means pre-publication orders, "DDA programs" means available for print and digital books. In addition to the order functionality and the firm order functionality, "slip plans" means custom alerts. Libraries are also flexible in developing their collections. Publix oasis helps librarians optimise their collections by offering a number of additional features including: new title notifications; online multi-order, this feature allows single ISBN copies to be ordered for multiple geographic locations. Shelf lookup and rejection, which allows collection coordinators to check out digital and hardcopy titles online prior to purchase without billing. Batch ordering of titles or single title ordering.

A platform with multiple billing and ordering options: EDI, API

The ProQuest billing tool is designed to provide libraries with a variety of flexible and efficient management methods. Libraries are able to transmit orders directly through their library management systems in conjunction with the new oasis back-end technology. Through the current EDI standard ProQuest works with all library management system suppliers. In order to improve the integration of its services with systems such as SirsiDynix, Synphony, Innovative (Sierra and Millennium), Heritage, Vubis, Koha Talis and ExLibris (Alma, Aleph and Voyager). However, an API is used to automatically update book orders placed on oasis in real time via Alma, the industry-leading cloud-based library management system developed by ExLibris.