Urban Bivouac hotel in Paris: about its special offers

Paris is one of the most visited cities on planet earth. This is because of the beautiful places you can visit there. Urban Bivouac Hotel is one of the hotels in Paris. This hotel has some special offers that can be very beneficial. This article is here to inform you of the special offers of this hotel.

About the Be F1rst Urban Bivouac hotel special offer

One of the special offers of Urban Bivouac hotel is F1rst. With this offer, you will be benefiting from up to a 15% discount. This offer is a promotional rate that gives you a 15% discount. For more information, check Urban Bivouac Boutique Hotel. Believe me, this offer is the cheapest of all and the best you can get.

In order to benefit from this offer, you will have to pay full payment to make a reservation. Take note that once a reservation is made with this offer, you won’t be able to cancel or modify your reservation. This is because your payment won’t be refunded to you. 

In this case, it is important you are sure of want you want before venturing into it. Lastly, on this special offer, you should note that the reservation payment does not cover taxes fees and that of breakfast. You will therefore be held accountable for your breakfast and any other eventual fees.

About the Be B&B Urban Bivouac hotel special offer and that of Be Flex 

The be B&B special offer is the best offer you can get from Urban Bivouac hotel. In contrast to the first offer that does not cover breakfast fees, this offer covers the breakfast fees. With be B&B special offer, you will be able to book your breakfast and be rest assured that the quality of the hotels’ products. 

Note that if you fail to take your breakfast, your reservation fund won’t by any means be refunded. The last special offer of Urban Bivouac hotel is known as to be Flex. This special offer gives you the possibility of canceling your reservation without being charged for that.