Travelling to Cozumel, an island paradise: what to see and do there?

Cozumel is one of the places near Quintana Roo where you can go to enjoy the wonders of the Caribbean. If you want to know the tourist entertainment you can have on this island, read this article.

An overview of Cozumel: geographical position and climate

When you set sail into the Caribbean Sea, head east to the Yucatán Peninsula. The island of Cozumel (a well-known Mexican destination) is located about 18 kilometers from here, in front of the resort town of Carmen. With its 48 km length and 16 km width, Cozumel regularly attracts 2 million visitors every year. The climate is warm all year round, making it a favorite destination for sunbathers. September and October are the only rainy months, so avoid going during this time of year. Go to to pay your tourist tax.

Leisure activities or distractions doable in Cozumel

Swimming. If you love swimming in natural waters, with harmless aquatic species, this is the place to be. You will see sea turtles, dolphins and stingrays. It will also be an opportunity for you to have skiing sessions if you like to do so. Isn't it great to have fun on natural water with aquatic animals that you often see in documentaries? This time you will not only see them, but you can also touch or even stroke them. In addition, there are several other possibilities for entertainment: fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, kite surfing, etc. Another great attraction is the Chankanaab Park where you can swim with dolphins. You can hang on to their flippers; you'll feel like you're flying through the water as they pull you along. There are plenty of other leisure activities that can give visitors an unforgettable time: make the journey, and you'll find them.