NFT collection invisible friends: what do you need to know?

In the world of NFT, collections are diverse and varied. Each collection is specific according to what the author wants. Among these numerous collections, some stand out the most. This is the case of the invisible friends collection. Here is what you need to know about this collection.

His author

When it comes to NFT, the other plays a major role. Even more so when it's a successful work or collection. In any case, the author of the Invisible Friends collection has been very resourceful in terms of inspiration. Click on the resources for details. Swedish-born Markus Magnusson is the author of this remarkable collection. He is quite well known in the digital world. He works for Dropbox and Google, among others. So he decided to get involved in the cryptocurrency scene and the NFT scene to be more precise.

The target

This collection of NFTs is quite atypical in terms of its content. The author himself expressed himself on the objective of his collection while mentioning the intended target. According to him, people who do not make maturity a requirement can be interested in this collection. In simple terms, the invisible collection is for people who are still good-natured. It's all about being able to enjoy the content of this collection. Reliving good childhood moments. So this collection is not made for art theorists for whom everything is perfect.

The cost

As we pointed out earlier, the invisible friend collection is an out of print collection. This is a sign that this collection has really been appreciated by the world of NFT lovers. It is important to point out that in terms of price, this is the most expensive collection ever. If you take a look on the internet, you will find figures that clearly show the quality of the collection. The author has succeeded well.