Kratom: medicine or drug?

Our daily activities, between work, family and social life, plunge us into a tiring routine. This routine often leads to anxiety and other health problems. In this context, Kratom offers a solution to help maintain good health. Let's find out how?

What is Kratom?

The scientific name of Kratom is Mitragyna speciosa, a plant species of tropical origin. It grows naturally in South-East Asia, but is now cultivated almost everywhere in the world. Reaching heights of up to 30 m, this plant is used for its analgesic, relaxing, stimulating and even aphrodisiac properties. To find out more about this plant, visit the following link

Methods of use and effects of kratom

Kratom leaves are often used as an infusion and consumed like tea. Dried or fresh, they can also be chewed. Chewing fresh kratom leaves is very effective in combating fatigue and regaining strength. Constipation can also be solved by eating fresh or dried kratom leaves with salt. Moreover, rich in analgesic, the leaves of Kratom can reduce the feeling of pain. This plant also treats diarrhoea and diabetes. It is also important to note that Kratom is an excellent aphrodisiac. If you have sexual problems, this plant is for you. Also, the ground leaves, applied to a wound, facilitate healing. There are many other benefits.

Can Kratom be consumed without moderation?

Kratom contains substances that are present in certain drugs, such as opium and caffeine. If you use Kratom very frequently, you can quickly become addicted. This is not desirable. It is therefore advisable not to abuse it.