Information about the PLF form for Malta destination?

Passengers who need to travel to or from Malta will now fill in a form. This is the PLF which stands for Passenger Location Form. This is a decision of the council of immigration and health authorities of some European countries. Learn more in this guide.

Digital PLF for travelers from Malta

Any passenger traveling to Malta is required to complete the digital PLF form. This is a tracking document that every passenger must carry. Only air and sea travelers are concerned by this form. Visit to learn more. Whether traveling as a group or as a family, everyone is required to have this document.  Any traveler who has left Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Australia and other countries considered as red countries must provide some important documents.  Apart from the PLF which is mandatory, the traveler must present the certificate that attests to his vaccination with a mark validated by the EMEA. The latter is the European Medicines Agency. This is a very important decision and even adolescents of 12 years and older are affected.  If you are from one of the dark red countries, you can't travel to Malta unless you undergo a two-week quarantine. 

What vaccination certificates are validated by the authorities in Malta?

Entry to Malta by air or sea by all travelers is subject to the presentation of certain valid certificates. The COVID-19 digital certificate is required for travel to Malta. This is valid for some countries such as Gibraltar, Egypt, Singapore, and others. For other countries, the vaccination card of the Ministry of Health is required by the Malta administration. This is the case for Iraq, Kosovo, and many more.  There is also the vaccination certificate for SARS-COV-2 which is required and this is the case in Kuwait.