Digital transformation

The “digital transformation” is the change in the business world through new Internet technologies with effects on the whole society. In order to increase performance, digital information and communication technologies are used by transforming or further developing business processes, customer experiences and business models. Continue here to discover more.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is defined as a process of constant development of digital technologies that shape our economy and society in a sustainable way. New habits and needs in everyday life are emerging among young and old, as well as in private and professional life. Examples of digital transformation include social media, mega data, cloud services, smart devices, the Internet of Things or blockchain, which not only accompany our lives, but also influence and change them. The article source gives even more details about these features. Take a tour In the course of digital transformation, the expectations of potential customers are also changing. As a result, companies are forced to adapt existing processes and replace them with significantly more efficient digital processes. Innovative and disruptive business models are emerging (Amazon, Ebay, Uber, Spotify, ...) that meet the new desires of our society and can also shake up long-standing companies.

What does “digital transformation” mean in companies?

Digital transformation is often used as a synonym for the term digitization, but does not mean the same thing. While digitalization means the automation and flexibilization of existing business processes, digital transformation goes even further: it fundamentally changes the value chain and structures of companies and society as a whole. Faced with radical changes in technology, customer demands and a new logic of value creation, companies must recognize and seize their opportunities in digital change to remain economically successful. Only those who drive digital transformation in their own companies sustainably today can remain competitive in the future.