MacBooks infected by malware from an unknown source

According to data from a security firm, up to 30,000 MacBooks have been hit with malware with unknown origins. The researchers that carried out the study have no clue about the malware's intention. 

According to the firm's blog, the malware was not created to destroy the computer host. The security firm named the malware "Silver sparrow". 

Silver sparrow's origin remains unknown  

According to an intelligent analyst, the malware is unique in the sense that it's not following the behavior that is usually exhibited by other malware. Silver sparrow also contains a "self-destruct mechanism" that researchers have not found a way to trigger. 

The firm believes the malware was downloaded on the PCs through a search result. They also discovered that the malware contains instructions that fit Apple's new M1 chip exclusively. 

Tom is not surprised about the malware's apparent ability to adapt to the new software. According to him: "New technology is going to be adopted by everybody — good guys, bad guys, everybody in between — it's definitely something that's going to happen." 

Researchers still unsure about the motive of the malware 

The security firm remains unsure about the motive behind the creation of the malware. The security company decided to publish the results of its investigation because of the malware's potential to become a serious problem in the future. 

It's believed that Silver sparrow was created around late 2020. It is estimated that the malware has infected up to 29,139 Macs in 153 countries. Also, the most infected countries by the malware are the United States, the UK, and some countries in Europe. 

A spokesperson from Apple said the company has rescinded the developer certificates the malware uses, which would stop the malware from attacking MacBooks in the future. The security firm advised people to use secure anti-virus or anti-malware programs on their PC as a form of precaution.

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