Dubai princess claims her sister was kidnapped

The daughter of UAE prime minister, Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum, asked the UK police to look for clues behind the kidnapping of her elder that occured on british soil. The kidnapping happened in the early 2000s.  

In the letter that she wrote to the police, Latifa claims her sister ran away from the family house because she was afraid for her life. Princess Latifa also added that her sister, Shamsa, had been in full control of her senses during her forceful return to the UAE. 

Princess latifa's letter was delivered by a friend to the UK police 

Princess latifa's letter was delivered to the UK police through her friend, David Hugh, who is part of the people demanding for her [Latifa] release from the royal family. The group is concerned about her safety in the hands of her family. 

Latifa's letter detailed the abuse and detention Princess Sharma suffered in the hands of her family. She added that princess Sharma was drugged and forced to return to Dubai. 

Latifa also claimed that the princess was subjected to torture, multiple beatings, and was not allowed to communicate with anyone.  

"She was tortured by getting her feet caned which is something I experienced myself with my own imprisonment," Latifa wrote. 

Princess Sharma tried to escape her family because she wanted her freedom

Princess Latifa pleaded with the police to handle Princess Sharma's case because she was kidnapped from Britain. She added that her sister's wish was to live freely without any restrictions. 

The Cambridgeshire Police confirmed to the press that they received Princess Latifa's letter and that they are currently investigating the case. They also added that they are investigating Princess Latifa's alleged detention in Dubai. 

Her family has denied her claims, adding that the letter was not an accurate depiction of what happened even though more evidence that supports her claims continue to spring up.